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Master The Art Of Customer

Service With These 30 Helpful Tips

Every business owner will tell you the key to success is solid customer service. Then why do so many businesses struggle with it? There are a couple reasons for this…First, customers are more likely to remember a poor experience with a business or a brand than a good one.

Unfortunately, customers that have a negative experience are also more likely to leave a bad review. In fact, 52 percent of customers will complain or leave a bad review after a poor experience.

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7 Ways Managers Motivate And Demotivate Their Employees

Few things are as costly and as disruptive as managers who kill employee morale.

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15 Ways To Lead With Effective Communication

Good communication is a lifetime pursuit.

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13 Ways Small Business Owners Can Reduce Busy Work And Be Truly Productive

Running a small business requires a lot of time, effort and dedication.

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10 Things Transparency Can Do For Your Company

The problem with transparency is that it sounds so corporate.

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14 Strategies To Encourage Employee Innovation

Innovation is essential for any company's success.

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8 Tips For A Profitable Holiday Sales Season

Once Black Friday sales die down it's a challenge to keep that momentum going.

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Strengths And Weaknesess Of Four Distinct Leadership Styles

A combination of guidance, transparency and collaboration will help leaders guide in this digital age.

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5 Ways To Spot Bad Customers That Also Identify Great Employees

When you see these traits while selling, run. But if you see them while recruiting, you've found someone great!

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