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The Likeability Factor In Retail

Customers don’t buy rationally or logically. They buy emotionally. Logic makes us shop. Logic demands we do price comparisons, shop various offers, and do our homework, then think about it before we make our buying decision. In an earlier Segment, we talked about the recent studies showing so much more online research activity by a Customer before they ever enter a store.

As retailers, logic is not our ally. When customers shop, they often deal with two basic fears—the fear of making a mistake and the fear of being “sold” something.

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10 Steps To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Learn how to improve customer satisfaction and retain a happy customer.

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5 Ways Employee Engagement Makes Your Company More Competitive.

Engaged employees stay longer, work harder and care more.

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To Handle Increased Stress, Build Your Resilience

Wherever you live or work, stress is on the rise.

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What Is The Difference Between Marketing, Advertising And Branding?

A simple analogy to help explain.

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10 Growth Strategies From A Decade Of Tech And Business Pioneers

This has been a decade of innovation.

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14 Security Solutions For Small Business

Cybersecurity if no joke, chances are you're at risk. Find out how to protect your business.

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6 Ways To Motivate Your Employees

Leading entrepreneurs share insights on how to motivate employees.

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6 Unmistakable Habits That Separate Successful People From Everyone Else

Excellence is not an act, but a habit.

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